Joshua Tree

So, I was out at Joshua Tree National Park a while back.  Spent the night at Cottonwood Springs where I got some nice shots of the sun setting and the moon rising.

B_0137The next day I headed out to run Pinkham Canyon Road, a little dirt doozy that starts out near the Cottonwood Visitor Center and heads west through the southern wilderness area of the park slowly making it’s way towards the Cottonwood Mountains.

_DSC_1247As the road becomes less of a road, and more of wash,  navigating becomes a little more difficult.  The course is difficult to follow and one can easily make a wrong turn, adding a little excitement to the trip.  After exploring a couple of roads I hadn’t intended to explore I finally exit the Cottonwood’s close to Interstate 10.

_DSC_1281If you decide you want drive Pinkham Canyon Road, here’s a little advice.  Make sure you have a good camera, a full tank of fuel, a couple of gallons of water, a good spare tire, and all the time you need to enjoy the journey.

Oh, I almost forgot, did I mention you’re going to need 4 wheel drive?

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