Day 25

August 20, 2009 – Day 25:  Layover day in Vancouver

Dog Waiting on Owner
Dog Waiting on Owner

I checked out of the hotel first thing in the morning, deciding I would find another location that afternoon.  The city was crowded and the traffic was horrendous, cold heavy rain made riding extremely difficult.  I decided to travel east on Canadian Route 1 to the town of Clearbrook.  After checking in to a very nice Best Western I took advantage of a break in the rain and took a short walk into town to a cute little smoke shop with some fine cigars.  The same Montecristo #2’s that cost me $50 a piece in Whitehorse sold here for $22.50.  It was like going to a two-fer sale.  I went back to the hotel, did a little maintenance on the bike, and relaxed with my Monty there in the carport.

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