Day 3

JULY 29, 2008-DAY 3:  PROVO, UT to SALMON, ID –  425.31 MILES

I-28 North to Salmon, ID
I-28 North to Salmon, ID

Hot again, Second day without a helmet.  I realize some of you may think it crazy, to ride without a helmet.  I would like to let it be known that I am not here to debate the issue.  Sound arguments, both for and against, exist out there and I encourage you to visit them if this is your intention.  I grew up in an era where helmets were optional and I opted out, it’s as simple as that.  That’s not to say I never wear a helmet, there are plenty of times when a helmet is a good thing, even a necessary thing, this just isn’t one of those times.

I’m back on Interstate 15 this morning.  I reach the Great Salt Lake around morning commute, takes awhile to get past the Lake and up to the Utah/Idaho border.  I arrive in Pocatello around 10:30am.  There’s a Harley dealer, right off the Interstate, Eagle Rock Harley-Davidson.  After a brief stop to buy a T-shirt it’s back on the 15 to US-28 just north of Idaho Falls.   There’s a nice breeze blowing and it feels good.

Lone Pine General Store
Lone Pine General Store

I stop for fuel at a little place named Mud Lake before heading north towards Salmon.  As I was taking on fuel I couldn’t help but noticed that nice breeze was turning into a strong, hot cross wind.  According to the local weather band on the radio the winds were reaching 30mph sustained, with gust up to 40mph.   They nailed it.  My fingers were cramping more than a little from the death grip I had on the bars most of the last 34 miles.  I’d had enough; I pulled over at a little place called the Lone Pine General Store.

As I sat down at the old wooden counter I couldn’t help but notice a couple a bit older than myself, sitting at the other end of the counter.  The woman was eating what appeared to be a chicken salad, but the gentleman, he was eating, a very generous cheese burger, it looked absolutely delicious.  The beef, it turns out, is buffalo and the paddy hang’s out over the bun by at least an inch all the way around, and it’s a big bun.  As a nice woman approached me for my drink order, I told her, “Give me a beer and one of what he’s having.”  That was one good burger and the beer was one good beer.

All great meals should be followed with a good finish; I stepped outside and pulled a cigar from the Bike’s tour pack.  As a stood puffing away, looking at the view, I couldn’t help but notice that strong, hot crosswind was getting a little stronger and a little cooler.  For the first time in three days of riding I found myself putting on the old leather jacket.  As I continued north towards Salmon, my decision to put on the jacket became even more justified as light rain showers began to form.  Not enough moisture to require rain gear but, enough to feel the cool down.  As I approached Salmon, the winds were starting to die down and the showers had passed.  I reached the beautiful little town a little after 5:30pm.

Cote's Defile
Cote’s Defile

Got a room at the Stage Coach Inn, a great hotel that sits right on the Salmon River.  They’re a motorcycle friendly establishment with secure motorcycle parking and free rags for cleaning the bikes, I hope they were free.  Gee, I hope they were rags.  I met two couples riding from the state of Washington.  For the life of me I can’t remember their names but if one of them happens to read this, I have the shot of the four of you I took at the monument on the way to dinner.  I’m horrible with names and I feel rotten about it.  They bought me dinner that night and I can’t even remember their names.  In my defense, one of the women was suppose to e-mail me with information on where to send the shot.  Guess she has a hard time remembering names too.  Anyway, after dinner we went our separate ways.  The women went window shopping, the guys headed back to the hotel to clean the bikes and I went over to a little bar down the street.  There I partied with some fellow riders of the road until I was sufficiently topped off and ready for bed.  Actually, it was last call and the sweet young woman behind the bar was turning into a fast and forceful bouncer.  She hustled us out of there in quick fashion.  I made the walk back to the hotel along the river and enjoyed what turned out to be a beautiful night, lit by a full moon.

On the technical side of things most for the day’s images were taken with my daughter’s little Sony.  On the larger side, both the 16-35 and the 24-70 saw some action.

Salmon Monument, Salmon, ID
Salmon Monument, Salmon, ID

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