Day 1

July 27, 2008 – Day 1:  San Marcos, CA to Washington, UT – 422.41 Miles

Sum the day up in one word, HOT!  Day one is miserable.  By the time I got to Baker, the big red thermometer read 114 ⁰ F.  I swear it got even hotter and it didn’t cool down all day.  No shots this day, it was too damned hot and I’d seen it all before, too many times.  Lots of traffic through the city of sin.  Arrived in Washington, UT about 6:00pm.  Didn’t book a room here in advance, didn’t have to look far to find one.  Holiday Inn Express Hotel and Suites. Nice place and right next to a Harley dealer.  Oh ya, did I forget to mention, remember those 6 old t-shirts I brought along.  When they get dirty I’m just tossing them and I’m stopping at Harley dealers along the route and picking up new t-shirts to replace the throw away’s.  Place wasn’t open though. Too late on a Sunday (my life story).  Hey, no problem, plenty of other dealers along the way.  Had a bite to eat at the local coffee shop and headed back to the room.  Still hot at 9:00pm, gotta be at least 100⁰.  Took a swim to cool off and hit the sack, big day tomorrow, Zion and Bryce, can’t wait.

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