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Welcome to PHOTO TALK, the official weblog of CFRP

Owner Chuck Ricker, relaxing between shoots

Hosted by Chuck Ricker, owner and photographer for CFR Photographic, a commercial photographic studio in San Marcos, California.

Chuck has been photographing in the studio, and on location, for over 40 years.  PHOTO TALK is the place to get information on his photographs, road trips, whats happening in the studio and anything else you may want to know.

We’ll keep you up to date on future shoots and go behind the scenes of past ones. We’ll explain what we’re doing and how we’re doing it. From time to time we’ll talk equipment, technique and outcome. Have a question about a particular image, need information on an upcoming event, want to talk Photoshop, equipment, software, hardware, just ask, sky’s the limit. Thank you for visiting and we hope you come back often.


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